Saturday, December 31, 2016

Gamma World Player Characters

So this month I quickly painted up four minis to represent the characters in a Gamma World campaign I'm playing in.  After running games behind the DM screen for years now, I'm psyched to be playing again.  Here's the crew:

Golgotha is a "Giant" Android.  Giant in quotes because she could really use a slightly larger mini to represent her 8' height.  This figure is Reaper's "Incredible Woman" (50212) painted with mostly silver and gold metallic paints.

Next up is my character: Proty, who is a Gelatinous Electrokinetic.  This figure is Ganesha Games/Alternative Armies' "Plasmoid Exterminator" from their recent Project Simian X kickstarter.  (The mini was clearly intended to be a Star Frontiers Dralasite.  I have two more of them, which I might paint in the classic grey for that race at some point.)

Amadeus Redbutt is a Simian Mindbreaker, whose player described him as looking like an orangutan.  I used a miniature from Dreamblade called the "Rainforest Shaman." Dreamblade figures are notoriously tough to remove from their bases and I had to sculpt him a new rock stand on.

And the fourth character is Rybot, a Felinoid Android.  I used a Wildcat Heroclix figure and repainted him with some metallic silver accents and pink eyes.

Unrelated to the group, I also rebased a Heroclix Aleph, and then just added a couple washes, and repainted his eyes.  He makes a pretty good evil robot.

 That's it for now.  Happy New Year!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Asgard Gargoyle / Weird Blue Demon

It's been a while!  I haven't posted a miniature since August.  But I'm back and hopefully back on schedule.  Here is my latest mini:  Asgard Miniatures FM8 Gargoyle.  There is something I love about Asgard's crude yet weirdly appealing sculpts.  I realize that this figure was intended to be a gargoyle, but I couldn't bring myself to paint him grey (or brown?) so instead I turned him into some kind of weird blue demon.  I tried to blend from red to purple to blue on his skin. 

I'm reasonably happy with this figure.  I didn't realize how noticeable the gash on the left side of his stomach was until I was happily painting away.  If I had noticed it earlier, perhaps I would have filled it with a bit of green stuff before priming.  Oh well. 

I have lots of minis primed and based and waiting for me to paint, so hopefully I will be back soon.  Stay tuned.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Drawings but No Minis

Unfortunately, I haven't finished any miniatures this month, but rather than skip my monthly posting entirely, I thought I'd share a couple of quick fantasy-related drawings I did: a "ratling" and a "fishoid."

I do still have an Asgard figure in progress on my painting table so hopefully I will be posting that one soon.  Stay tuned.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I felt like my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were incomplete without their master, Splinter.  So here is the re-based and repainted Splinter Heroclix figure.

I have an Asgard figure in progress so that should be my next post.  Stay Tuned!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Quickly Painted Yeti

I'm DMing a Dungeons and Dragons campaign right now and the PCs have a potential encounter coming up involving more than one yeti.  Unfortunately, I only have one yeti mini so I grabbed a Sasquatch Heroclix figure out of my pile and painted him in tints of blue.  A quick job of mostly drybrushing, but I figured why not take a pic and share him on the blog. 

He doesn't really "match" my Reaper Miniatures yeti (seen below) but he'll be better than using a counter or paper mini or something.

This Reaper yeti was actually one of the first miniatures I painted as an adult.  I can't believe it was almost 12 years ago now.  The paint on his chest got a little thick (I was using artists' tube paints at the time) but overall I'm still pretty happy with him.

Hope to post again soon with something I put more time into.  Stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I feel like these took forever to finish, but here's what I've been up to: painting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Heroclix!

I've wanted decent miniatures of these guys for a long time.  The old Dark Horse figures are somewhat hard to come by and can be rather expensive on Ebay, so when Heroclix recently put out a set based on TMNT, I had to to jump on it.  I'm pretty happy with these guys. I tried to paint each one's skin with slightly different greens for variety.  I debated painting the bandanas different colors but decided to go with the classic red.  I used this Kevin Eastman illustration for inspiration.

Here's how they looked when I got them. 

I pinned them onto Secret Weapon "Town Square" bases.  I like these bases for superhero-type figures in general and sewer manhole covers really sealed the deal for the Turtles.

I thought I would also share that I played a really fun Land of the Lost themed game using Golgo Island rules and the Sleestak and "Pakuni" miniatures you may remember from my past blog entries. (I can't believe I painted these Sleestaks all the way back in 2014.)  Good times.

I hope to post again soon.  Stay Tuned.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Heritage Gnome and Grenadier Dwarf Archer

I didn't manage to post anything last month, but this time I have, not one, but two vintage miniatures for you:  a Heritage Miniatures gnome and a Grenadier dwarf archer. 

This gnome is from Dungeon Dwellers set 1239, which apparently came with three of these figures and three with a spear.  They were sculpted by Steve Bissett. 

The Grenadier figure is from AD&D set 2003 "Dwarves," which came out around 1980, if I'm not mistaken.  I chose him for his gnome-like hat, as I intend to have him stand in for a gnome.

And finally here are both figures with my Ral Partha Gnome Illusionist, as the start of my mighty gnome army.

I'm pretty happy with both figures and hope to post again soon.  Stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Howard the Duck Heroclix and Archive E'corcist Duck

Here is a repainted Howard the Duck Heroclix mini and one of the Duck figures from Archive Miniatures' E'corcist Duck pack (which apparently also included a priest duck) from the late 70s.

I was curious about Archive miniatures' duck figures.  They always seemed like an odd choice to me, but recently I have been reading the old Steve Gerber Howard the Duck comics (which are pretty great in their own wacky way) and it all made sense.  This "devil duck" that I've had in my collection for a while is clearly based on the comic.

So I grabbed a Howard the Duck Heroclix figure and painted the two of them up.

Here's what Howard looked like before I cut him off his base:

I painted him to match the colors of the original comics run.  The only major difference from the early issues is that he didn't have pants until Disney threatened to sue Marvel due to similarities with Donald Duck.

Here's a before shot of the Archive miniature:

I really struggled with this figure for some reason.  Part of it is likely the coarse sculpting.  The eyes for example are such deep holes that I couldn't do much but poke in some blue paint.

So this figure is actually Howard himself possessed by the demonic side of Daimon Hellstrom.  I tried to keep the colors faithful to the comic.  I did give him red horns which he only has on the cover.  I just thought he looked better that way.

I don't know what I'll be painting next but follow this blog and stay tuned, and you'll be sure to find out.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Kronos 2000x Golgo Island Miniature

Here is the final Golgo Island miniature that I based and primed with the group featured in my last post:  Kronos 2000x.  (He's found in the Streetfighters II pack.)

The Golgo Island rules and miniatures are inspired by b-movies, and despite a different looking "official" paint job, I got a Billy Blanks circa the late 80s/early 90s vibe from this figure.  So that's how I painted it.  My feelings were confirmed, when after finishing the figure, I watched the Billy Blanks movie, TC 2000.

What's interesting is that watching the movie made me realize that Mouloud Nagasaki from my last post was clearly inspired by the film's villain, Niki Picasso, played by Jalal Merhi.  I had no idea.

Fun stuff, but that's it for Golgo Island figs for the time being. Stay tuned.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Golgo Island City Scum Part 3

I've finished the fourth and final figure from the Golgo Island City Scum pack, Mouloud Nagasaki.

Not sure why I went with a blue beret.  Maybe I was thinking of this?

Anyway, here's the whole group all together.

I also managed to paint up this little figure, Safari Kirk, also from Golgo Island.  He's a pretty crudely sculpted and strangely short figure, but I figured he might be a good character to confront my Sleestaks or Apemen at some point.  Meh.

I've got one more Golgo Island dystopian-future-streetfighter-type figure based and primed that I'll be painting next and after that, probably something totally different from the lead pile, who knows?  Stay tuned.