Monday, December 31, 2018

Tanks: Modern Age Starter Set

Hey! This blog is not dead, it was just sleeping for a bit.  Hoping to paint lots more minis in the new year.

Anyway... I picked up the Tanks: Modern Age Starter Set and while I have yet to play the game, I couldn't resist building and painting the three 1/100 scale tanks that it comes with right away.  I've never been into historical gaming (this game is actually an alternate history "cold war turned hot" setting)  or military-fetishism, but I love tanks.  I just think they look cool.  It's that simple.

These are the first tanks I have ever painted.

Two Soviet T-64s:

And an M1 Abrams:

I'm actually really happy with how these turned out.  I wasn't sure how the camouflage was going to look, but I think it turned out pretty decent.  I can't wait to play the game now.

As I mentioned in my last post, I have more Doctor Who figures and some random weirdness primed and ready to go.  Hopefully, I will stop neglecting them and will be back with another post soon.