Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sangan Heroclix Repaint

I'm back with a quick repaint of a Yu-Gi-Oh! heroclix figure called Sangan.  I use the term "repaint" a bit loosely as I basically took the factory paint job as a base coat, added a wash or two and some highlights.  I love this quirky little critter though.  Lots of personality and I thought he would work well in a Gamma World encounter at some point.  (I know very little about Yu-Gi-Oh but I picked up a handful of the series one heroclix, that I thought looked cool, to re-base and touch up.)

Here's the factory paint job, after I re-based him but before I did any painting.


Hope to be back before long with the last of my Low Life miniatures and then some vintage lead.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pandalope the Panderer

Here is the 2nd to last figure of the initial set of Low Life miniatures that I've been chipping away at: Pandalope the Panderer.
I guess he's supposed to be like a mutant panda pimp.  I decided to paint his face like that of a red panda rather than the usual black and white, giant panda as seen in Andy Hopp's illustration. 

Here's what a red panda looks like:

I also based the color scheme of his clothes on the primary colors of Doctor Strange.  It would be cool if this makes him look more like a sorcerer and less like a pimp, but either way I thought it was good color scheme.

Just one more Low Life miniature on my painting table, a mutant humanoid Twinkie with a flaming warhammer, yay!  And lots of other figures to come.  Stay tuned.

Friday, June 13, 2014

The Sockstrosity and More

I bring you another of the Low Life miniatures that I have been working on, for what seems like forever at this point.  I now have two left to paint if you are keeping track.  This one is the Sockstrosity.  Probably my least favorite in the set.  It's basically a big sock knitting more socks while sitting on a chair mounted on a reptilian creature. Just everyday normal stuff.

I also made visual representations of powers for my friend's 4th edition Psion character: force shard and static mote.  Force shard is a few pieces of "sea glass" that I painted with a wash or two, and the static mote is just a marble on a base.  I think they look kind of cool though, and hopefully they will come in handy for her.

And finally this is a scan of the drawing that Matthew Allison sent me in exchange for the Cankor mini from my last post. Yay!