Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sangan Heroclix Repaint

I'm back with a quick repaint of a Yu-Gi-Oh! heroclix figure called Sangan.  I use the term "repaint" a bit loosely as I basically took the factory paint job as a base coat, added a wash or two and some highlights.  I love this quirky little critter though.  Lots of personality and I thought he would work well in a Gamma World encounter at some point.  (I know very little about Yu-Gi-Oh but I picked up a handful of the series one heroclix, that I thought looked cool, to re-base and touch up.)

Here's the factory paint job, after I re-based him but before I did any painting.


Hope to be back before long with the last of my Low Life miniatures and then some vintage lead.

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