Friday, June 13, 2014

The Sockstrosity and More

I bring you another of the Low Life miniatures that I have been working on, for what seems like forever at this point.  I now have two left to paint if you are keeping track.  This one is the Sockstrosity.  Probably my least favorite in the set.  It's basically a big sock knitting more socks while sitting on a chair mounted on a reptilian creature. Just everyday normal stuff.

I also made visual representations of powers for my friend's 4th edition Psion character: force shard and static mote.  Force shard is a few pieces of "sea glass" that I painted with a wash or two, and the static mote is just a marble on a base.  I think they look kind of cool though, and hopefully they will come in handy for her.

And finally this is a scan of the drawing that Matthew Allison sent me in exchange for the Cankor mini from my last post. Yay!

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