Saturday, June 30, 2012

Doctor Who - Tom Baker

I finished painting the fourth doctor as portrayed by Tom Baker.  The fourth and fifth doctors are my favorites so a lot of love went into this mini.  The Ark in Space is the first Doctor Who episode I ever saw and I fell in love immediately. 


I was going for the Season 12 costume but I was looking at my Underground Toys action figure for the scarf pattern and realized later that it may have been based on the Season 15 scarf.  Oh well, it's not all that different and it gets the point across.  I also left the pattern off of his vest but that was more of conscious choice.  The way the eyes are sculpted also gave me a bit of difficulty but in the end I'm pretty happy with him.  He's been waiting for me to paint him for over 20 years, so I'm glad I did it.  Just Peter Davison left now.  Expect to see him as well as some fantasy monsters soon.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Asgard Wight FM51

Here is Asgard Miniatures FM51 Wight.

He is an oddly posed miniature with his right arm sticking out.  Is he throwing a punch?  I thought about trying to make him carry a lantern, but as scholars of the Monster Manual can tell you, wights shun bright light.  The face had kind of an odd line going through it (not sure if that's how it was sculpted or if it was an oddity of the casting) and one side seemed to have an eye and the other more of an empty socket.  Because of this I decided to paint the right side like a piece of normal flesh hanging on a green skull-like face.

I've got lots more minis primed, based, and staring at me on my painting table including Tom Baker and Peter Davison Doctor Who minis.  Something about painting that long striped scarf gives me pause but I plan to tackle it soon...

Friday, June 8, 2012

Doctor Who and an Ewok ?

I'm continuing to work on the FASA Doctor Who minis and I have completed the third doctor, Jon Pertwee.

The sculpt doesn't have a bow tie but it does have a cape, and based on that I felt like the Season Eight/Terror of the Autons costume would be most appropriate to base the colors on for this mini.
This picture shows that costume and while the sculpt doesn't match it perfectly it seemed like the closest fit.  I have to admit I'm not as happy with this one as the last two.  Something about the face that I just couldn't get quite right.

I also painted one of the Fuzzies from Archive's Star Rovers Line.  It's interesting because if you know anything about these minis, you'll know that many of them are rip-offs of Star Wars characters.  For example, "Hans Self" instead of Han Solo etc etc.  I always assumed that this one was supposed to be an Ewok, but if I'm not mistaken this figure actually dates to around 1977 and as far as I know Ewok's did not appear until Return of the Jedi in 1983. So I guess not.

  I painted this guy up pretty quickly but I think he turned out okay.  He is very small.  I've painted 15mm miniatures bigger than he is.  You can get some idea of how small he is in this picture with the good doctor:

Should be lots more miniature goodness coming up this summer.  I've got an Asgard figure in progress, the remaining two FASA Doctor Who figures and I just picked up a bunch of Grenadier minis as well.  Stay Tuned.