Friday, June 22, 2012

Asgard Wight FM51

Here is Asgard Miniatures FM51 Wight.

He is an oddly posed miniature with his right arm sticking out.  Is he throwing a punch?  I thought about trying to make him carry a lantern, but as scholars of the Monster Manual can tell you, wights shun bright light.  The face had kind of an odd line going through it (not sure if that's how it was sculpted or if it was an oddity of the casting) and one side seemed to have an eye and the other more of an empty socket.  Because of this I decided to paint the right side like a piece of normal flesh hanging on a green skull-like face.

I've got lots more minis primed, based, and staring at me on my painting table including Tom Baker and Peter Davison Doctor Who minis.  Something about painting that long striped scarf gives me pause but I plan to tackle it soon...

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