Friday, March 29, 2013

Asgard Unicorn

I almost thought March was going to go by without a post from yours truly, but I did manage to paint up one miniature this month: Asgard's Unicorn (FM16). 

I tried to give this Unicorn a tacky color scheme, like something that might have appeared on a poster or trapper keeper cover from the 80s.  I figured the world didn't need another plain old white unicorn.  In the end, I'm kind of disappointed with my work though.  It doesn't match up to what I pictured in my mind's eye.  I got a little lazy with some of the blending and overall it just lacks a certain something.  The purple somehow gave it a potentially evil look too, which is not what I was going for.  Oh well.  Stay tuned as there are lots more minis on my work table eagerly awaiting some paint.