Friday, March 18, 2016

Kronos 2000x Golgo Island Miniature

Here is the final Golgo Island miniature that I based and primed with the group featured in my last post:  Kronos 2000x.  (He's found in the Streetfighters II pack.)

The Golgo Island rules and miniatures are inspired by b-movies, and despite a different looking "official" paint job, I got a Billy Blanks circa the late 80s/early 90s vibe from this figure.  So that's how I painted it.  My feelings were confirmed, when after finishing the figure, I watched the Billy Blanks movie, TC 2000.

What's interesting is that watching the movie made me realize that Mouloud Nagasaki from my last post was clearly inspired by the film's villain, Niki Picasso, played by Jalal Merhi.  I had no idea.

Fun stuff, but that's it for Golgo Island figs for the time being. Stay tuned.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Golgo Island City Scum Part 3

I've finished the fourth and final figure from the Golgo Island City Scum pack, Mouloud Nagasaki.

Not sure why I went with a blue beret.  Maybe I was thinking of this?

Anyway, here's the whole group all together.

I also managed to paint up this little figure, Safari Kirk, also from Golgo Island.  He's a pretty crudely sculpted and strangely short figure, but I figured he might be a good character to confront my Sleestaks or Apemen at some point.  Meh.

I've got one more Golgo Island dystopian-future-streetfighter-type figure based and primed that I'll be painting next and after that, probably something totally different from the lead pile, who knows?  Stay tuned.