Sunday, May 4, 2014


I'm back with a quickly painted superhero figure.  This miniature is based on a character called Cankor, from a recently produced surreal indie comic of the same name.  He was created by comic artist, Matthew Allison and you can see his work at 

A drawing by Matthew Allison of the character it's based on:

Inspired by Allison's weirdo comic, I started with a "Tarantula" figure from Old Glory's Superfigs line.  I filled in the eyes with green stuff before priming.  Ideally the body would have a little less muscle definition, but what the heck.

I tried to keep the colors light but still have some contrast and shading.  I have to say it was fun painting a miniature that wasn't covered in lots of little doohickeys and details, because I was able to finish it pretty fast.

 The other cool thing about this mini is that I sent a picture of it to Matthew Allison and he liked and it looks like he's going to trade me a piece of art for it.  Yay!