Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Walloping Krong and Low Life Miniatures Group Shot

I present to you the final miniature in the Low Life miniatures set that I have been working on, Walloping Krong, the cremefillian bunskicker.  He's basically a mutant twinkie with a flaming warhammer. Yay!

 For better or worse I made the decision to paint the flame without attempting attempting "object source lighting" i.e. showing the light or color of the flame reflecting on the figure.  It looks a little weird without it, but I often find "osl" to look a little weird too, even when really skilled miniature painters do it.  Overall I'm pretty happy with this piece.

And finally here is a group shot, what a motley crew:

I can't believe I finally finished these guys.  Up next: a vintage miniature of a classic mythological creature.  Stay Tuned!


  1. Unusual, feeric and excellent!

  2. They all look great. Walloping Krong is the reason I bought the whole line. Too bad we're still waiting for the rest of the miniatures.

  3. Thanks Thorvar. Krong was part of what sold me on the line too. And you're right it looks like we may still be waiting a while for the rest of the figures.