Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Quickly Painted Yeti

I'm DMing a Dungeons and Dragons campaign right now and the PCs have a potential encounter coming up involving more than one yeti.  Unfortunately, I only have one yeti mini so I grabbed a Sasquatch Heroclix figure out of my pile and painted him in tints of blue.  A quick job of mostly drybrushing, but I figured why not take a pic and share him on the blog. 

He doesn't really "match" my Reaper Miniatures yeti (seen below) but he'll be better than using a counter or paper mini or something.

This Reaper yeti was actually one of the first miniatures I painted as an adult.  I can't believe it was almost 12 years ago now.  The paint on his chest got a little thick (I was using artists' tube paints at the time) but overall I'm still pretty happy with him.

Hope to post again soon with something I put more time into.  Stay tuned.


  1. Both creatures are painted very nicely. It is hard enuff to get a picture of a Yeti, much less paint one, and quickly at that.

  2. Great work! They're both well painted but I'll admit I like the Clix one better. It's the sculpt: the Reaper one looks like he's wearing an overly tight sweater. But the blue-white transitions on Sasquatch are well executed and his face is downright creepy.

    1. Ha. I see what you mean about the "sweater." It's the ratio of shoulders to hips that's a little funny. Thanks.

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