Monday, June 5, 2017

Dungeon Degenerates Salamander - Big Lizardman

I'm back!  It's been almost six months since I finished painting a miniature and updated the blog, but I never stopped wanting to get back on schedule.  So here I am with a miniature I managed to finish this weekend.

He's the "Salamander with Sword and Shield" from the Dungeon Degenerates Monster Miniatures Set.  Despite the name, he looks like an overgrown Lizardman to me and not the classic D&D salamander.

These figures are ostensibly 32mm in scale but seem like they might even be a bit bigger than that.  This fellow is on a 40mm base.  Here is a picture comparing him to a D&D pre-painted miniature for an idea of scale.

I'm pretty happy with how he came out and I plan to paint the three remaining figures in the set shortly.  Fun miniatures with a lot of character.  Stay tuned!


  1. You scored a home run again!

  2. Ha, these have a wild retro look, like RPG book art from the 70s or something. I love them. The paint job on the lizard man is excellent, the strong solid colors really compliment the sculpting style and the giant malevolent red-eye is amazing.

    1. Thanks! I agree that they look a bit like old school rpg illustrations.

  3. Gorgeous work, and thanks for introducing me to Goblinko. I had never heard of them, but (with help from your lovely painting job) they are clearly beautiful, old-school sculpts.

  4. Just found this blog :-) I'm just getting into "Metamorphosis Alpha" and this looks like a corking model to have slithering down the corridors. Terrific paint-job, the purple and blue really prove a nice contrast, and great work on the eyes too :-)
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