Tuesday, May 26, 2015

TAG Industries Chimps and Apes

Unfortunately, I don't have any painted minis to show this month, but I thought I would share what I'm painting next: some apes and chimps from TAG Industries' Children of Fantasy Line.  These minis are from the early to mid 80s and have been in my collection and have remained unpainted since that time.  It would appear that they are fairly rare as I haven't found any pictures of them on the internet other than those on the Lost Minis Wiki, and some of those pictures, I provided.  (I know that at some point Raven's Forge Casting bought the TAG Industries lines but I'm not sure how many figures they produced and they appear to no longer exist.)  I'm also unsure how they were sold, but I'm assuming I purchased these as a set and not individually (or rather as a kid, talked my mom into buying for me. Ha.)

After years of sitting in my "lead mountain," I finally decided to paint these to use as a group of more war-like Pakuni for a Land of the Lost/Lost Civilization game.  I figured they would go well with the Sleestaks I recently painted.  They don't look all that much like the costumes/make-up from the show, but it won't matter, as I'll need something more threatening any way. You'll notice that the two figures on the ends have broken weapons that I will need to do something about.

Here's Chaka, a Pakuni, for comparison if you are unfamiliar with the show.

Chimp with Spear-that needs fixing.

Ape with Club

Chimp with Axe

Ape with Rock- and I am assuming he used to have club

Chimp with Club

Ape Beating Chest

Now to get these fixed up, based, and primed...


  1. I beg you... BEG you to slap together a 2001-esque Monolith for these guys to cavort around.

  2. Ha ha! That's a good idea. Couldn't be that hard to do either.