Wednesday, October 29, 2014

In-Progress Sleestaks

I like to post to this blog at least once every calendar month, unfortunately I have no new finished minis to show off.  So instead of that, I'm sharing what I currently have in progress: Interloper Miniatures Lurching Lizards, and Hissing Lizards.  These are clearly not-Sleestaks from Land of the Lost and I love them. 

If you are familiar with Land of the Lost you may notice that I have added a green stuff tunic to the figure in the middle to turn him into Enik (pictured below.)

 As I noted in my last post (featuring a grey primed fig,) I nearly always prime my figures in white as I generally prefer brighter color or at least the possibility of brighter colors, but for these Sleestaks I went with Army Painter brand "Greenskin" primer.

As soon as I finish these little creepers I will share them here for you enjoyment.  Thanks again for following along!

p.s. Just today Interloper put out a trio of not-Thundarr minis that I am super excited about too!  If you couldn't tell from all of the Gamma World love on this blog, Thundarr was my favorite childhood cartoon.

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