Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Grenadier Basilisk

I recently picked up a complete Grenadier "Denizens of the Swamp" set of miniatures on eBay.  I wanted to paint the basilisk first because the players in a game I'm running were going to encounter one.  Unfortunately I didn't finish it in time and had to use something else but I can still share it with you, the fine readers of my blog.

The basilisk in this set has two of his eight feet propped up on a rock, so I decided to put him on top of a rocky base insert.

After sticking him down, I realized that his feet didn't match up with the base all that well and left a gap.  You can see this gap in the picture on the left.

So I used some green stuff to sculpt some
little rocks underneath him to make it a better fit.

I picked my colors based on his Monster Manual description, which indicates that he should be brown with glowing green eyes.  And here he is....


  1. Really fine! Sorry he missed his entrance cue. I know the feeling of wanting to get it done now for the next session. Am fond of this fig as he matches the Monster Manual illo and is kind of cute too. Painted one up myself a few years back and have since picked up a few more to do an encounter group.

  2. Fantastic! What a cutey! Excellent job on the additional rocks, looks great.

  3. Thanks for the kind words and stopping to check him out!