Saturday, November 12, 2011

Work in Progress

As mentioned in my last post, up next on my painting table are Archive Miniatures Goblin King and Asgard Miniatures FM15 Minotaur.

This very naked Minotaur was painted when I got him, so I stripped him in Simple Green.  As you can see he was also missing his weapon, which from what I can see on the Lost Minis Wiki was a type of hammer.  I've added a Reaper Miniatures two-handed warhammer.  It's more finally detailed than he is so I hope it isn't too much of a mismatch.  It fit into his hand too perfectly not to use it.  He's based on a 40mm base.

I just love Archive's Goblin King miniature. This sculpt just has so much personality, that it's like I can hear his cackling little voice when I look at him.  I've been anxious to paint him for awhile and I hope I can do him justice.
 Stay Tuned!

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