Monday, September 3, 2012

Grenadier Shambling Mound

Here is the Grenadier Shambling Mound from the same "Denizens of the Swamp" set that I posted the basilisk from earlier.

I feel like the photo I took makes my brushstrokes look huge and a bit sloppy but overall I'm satisfied with this mini.  I've always loved plant-based monsters for some reason and I tried to paint him with the cover illustration of the box set in mind.

I tried to use a similar (but slightly duller) coloring under the eyes like you can see in the detail of the painting below.  I'm not sure if that's supposed to be source lighting from glowing eyes or just a coloration in the facial area of this beast, but I went with it.

 More monsters on the way...


  1. Love it, typically the Grenadier monsters of this style (shambling pile of stuff) are hard to paint in such a way as to make their details discernible in the right way. I like this guy a lot. Keep the monsters coming.

  2. I like it quite a bit... achieves a dramatic effect with the eyes. Like you I painted mine like the box art, but we each managed our own particular style with the result, I think.

  3. Ghola and Jay: Thanks again!

    Spooktalker I always enjoy seeing your work and our Shambling Mounds are very similar. I like the greater range of color in yours. Thanks.

  4. This looks great...I like that you used the box as inspiration. I've got a similar project going myself. I remember getting this set back in 1983. Now I feel like painting these old guys up is kind of a tribute to my 11-year-old imagination. I'm working on the beholder from the Dwellers Below set right now!

  5. Cool! I look forward to seeing the beholder completely finished.