Monday, February 18, 2013

Archive Dracula Himself

This month's post is Archive Miniatures' "Dracula Himself."  This mini was apparently released in a few different ways.  He was released as a single miniature in the Dungeon Adventure line as number 719 and in a two pack with "Vampire Woman" as number 720.  He also appeared in their Fantasy Series as part of a three pack with "Wolfman" and "Franlcenstein," (aka Frankenstein's Monster).  Based on the picture featured on this website, it looks like he may have been re-released with a different head/face sculpt.  I'm not sure.  Enough with the history, here is the prince of darkness himself:


I had fun painting this guy, even though the sculpt is a bit rough in places.   I mixed purple and grey into the skin tones to give him a deathly pall but for some reason the camera didn't really quite capture it. 

Up next is something kind of wacky....or maybe tacky is a better word....stay tuned.