Friday, June 23, 2017

Dungeon Degenerates Nasty Naga

I have painted the next of the Dungeon Degenerates figures, the Nasty Naga.

I imagined it as a Dark Naga when I came up with its color scheme.  It was hard to photograph and is one of those minis that just looks better in real life than in a photo for whatever reason.  It was a fun and easy to paint figure though.

I will be back soon with the Cock Goblin.  Stay Tuned!


  1. "Cock Goblin"?! Where exactly is this all going? ;)

    A good sophomore post from this set of intriguing old-school figures. I love the cool palette and your paint job really accentuates the weird, but excellently sculpted face!

  2. Just found this blog :-) I'm just getting into "Metamorphosis Alpha" and this looks like a corking model to have slithering down the corridors. Terrific paint-job, the purple and blue really prove a nice contrast, and great work on the eyes too :-)

    1. Hey, thanks so much. I've never actually played Metamorphosis Alpha but I've played tons of Gamma World. :)

    2. This ghastly thing could fit into any fantasy or sci-fi universe if you wanted it to :)

  3. Sweet! Another fantastic addition to the Dungeon Degenerates range!

  4. Gorgeous work, and thanks for introducing me to Goblinko. I had never heard of them, but (with help from your lovely painting job) they are clearly beautiful, old-school sculpts.

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