Saturday, December 31, 2016

Gamma World Player Characters

So this month I quickly painted up four minis to represent the characters in a Gamma World campaign I'm playing in.  After running games behind the DM screen for years now, I'm psyched to be playing again.  Here's the crew:

Golgotha is a "Giant" Android.  Giant in quotes because she could really use a slightly larger mini to represent her 8' height.  This figure is Reaper's "Incredible Woman" (50212) painted with mostly silver and gold metallic paints.

Next up is my character: Proty, who is a Gelatinous Electrokinetic.  This figure is Ganesha Games/Alternative Armies' "Plasmoid Exterminator" from their recent Project Simian X kickstarter.  (The mini was clearly intended to be a Star Frontiers Dralasite.  I have two more of them, which I might paint in the classic grey for that race at some point.)

Amadeus Redbutt is a Simian Mindbreaker, whose player described him as looking like an orangutan.  I used a miniature from Dreamblade called the "Rainforest Shaman." Dreamblade figures are notoriously tough to remove from their bases and I had to sculpt him a new rock stand on.

And the fourth character is Rybot, a Felinoid Android.  I used a Wildcat Heroclix figure and repainted him with some metallic silver accents and pink eyes.

Unrelated to the group, I also rebased a Heroclix Aleph, and then just added a couple washes, and repainted his eyes.  He makes a pretty good evil robot.

 That's it for now.  Happy New Year!


  1. With a pair of D6s and these characters, I'd go any where in the universe! Excellent work, sir.

  2. A wild crew. The simian is probably the best from a technical standpoint: I love the subtle earthen palette you used. But the Electrokinetic is a close second, with that gooey biological looking green hide. A strong finale to a great year of painting, I'd say!

    1. Hey, thanks, Allison. And you're right, I had to paint these quickly and I definitely spent the most time on the simian.

  3. Fantastic array of minis here, while the simian is pretty awesome, I love the shape and essentials-color scheme on Proty - the group works really well together.

  4. Love the characters here! Great paint apps too!