Friday, March 4, 2016

Golgo Island City Scum Part 3

I've finished the fourth and final figure from the Golgo Island City Scum pack, Mouloud Nagasaki.

Not sure why I went with a blue beret.  Maybe I was thinking of this?

Anyway, here's the whole group all together.

I also managed to paint up this little figure, Safari Kirk, also from Golgo Island.  He's a pretty crudely sculpted and strangely short figure, but I figured he might be a good character to confront my Sleestaks or Apemen at some point.  Meh.

I've got one more Golgo Island dystopian-future-streetfighter-type figure based and primed that I'll be painting next and after that, probably something totally different from the lead pile, who knows?  Stay tuned.

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