Sunday, April 5, 2015

Ral Partha Gnome Illusionist - Deep Gnome

Here is stage one from Ral Partha's 3-Stage Player Characters Gnome Illusionist set.  I painted him to represent a deep gnome aka Svirfneblin.  I really enjoyed painting this little guy.  His face is really well sculpted considering how small it is.  I went with classic gnome colors for his clothing, i.e. red cap, blue shirt, brown pants. 

I took this comparison shot, with a typical Reaper figure to show how small this figure is.  

I picked up a Heritage gnome and a Grenadier dwarf archer (that I might use as a gnome) as well.  Although these may or may not be the next figures in my painting queue.  Stay tuned.

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