Monday, April 28, 2014

Byulunculus the Vigilant

I present to you Byulunculus the Vigilant: Pile Crime Clobberer, another mini in the initial set of Low Life miniatures I've been working on.  There are three left now if you are keeping count.

I did not stick to the colors seen in the illustration of this guy, but went with a mostly primary color scheme.  I'm a bit frustrated with the photo because the handle on the saw weapon looks really flat where as it is much more shaded in real life.  Red is a pain to photograph sometimes.  The shine on the slug and the little drip is a bit of gloss varnish to make it look at least a little slimy. 

Overall I'm fairly happy with how he came out.  I always like painting things with a lot of texture.

Stay tuned, I'm not sure yet if my next post will be one of the remaining Low Life figures or one of the other things in my collection begging to be painted.


  1. I like this little fella a lot. Its really funny and the color scheme is perfect ! :-)

  2. Weird and wonderful. Please get him a Kleenex.