Friday, November 29, 2013

Skeletor Mr Bones - Reaper Miniature

This month's miniature is Mr. Bones from Reaper's Bones line of plastic minis.  I mentioned earlier that I picked up a few of these plastic figures in September and I finally got around to painting this little guy.  I decided to paint him up in a color scheme reminiscent of Skeletor from Masters of the Universe.

I attempted to make the shovel look old and rusted or weathered and I think that's my favorite part of this miniature now.  Pretty fun little figure overall.

There's lots of minis primed and waiting on my table, so I hope to post here again soon....


  1. I like it! Very Skeletor-like, I'd have seen that even if you didn't mention it. You got the skin colour absolutely perfect. I would bump all the highlights up a level, but maybe that's just my personal style :)

    His stature is a bit more "Orko" though ;)

  2. I can practically hear the Skeletor voice coming from this guy!